The Szydlo Family
Tuesday 12/6/2022

Esther Chasha Szydlo (1895-1942?)

Esther Chasha Szydlo
Jetti Szydlo’s mother was Esther Chasha (Jungermann), born on March 3rd 1895 in Warsaw. They moved to Berlin in 1898. She attended school until she was 14 years old. She then worked in their parent’s business, a butcher’s shop. They sold chickens. In 1919 she married Jankel Szydlo, a shoemaker, and helped him with his business until his death in 1931. She then had a market stall until 1936 when she gave that up and was supported by the Jewish community. In 1940, she was obligated to work in forced labor and in 1942, she was deported.

Leo Szydlo
Leo Szydlo was born in May 1920, the eldest of the Szydlo children. He went to the Jewish school in the Kaiserstrasse and then went to middle school at the Grossen Hamburger Strasse. He left school at 15 in 1935. It was already difficult to continue studies or learn a trade and his mother tried to get him taken on to learn carpentry by a master carpenter. Nothing came of this. He was then helped by his uncle, Israel Goldschal who offered to take him on at his business in Lindowerstrasse in Wedding to learn cutting and tailoring. Unfortunately, this lasted only half a year as the business was closed in 1936. He then worked for a short time in a chocolate factory. At the beginning of 1939 he was obligated to work in forced labor and then in November 1939 deported to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Jetti Szydlo
Jetti was born on March 7, 1924. She went to the Volksschule from 1930 until 1934 when she went to the Jewish school in the Rykestrasse. The school was temporarily closed in November 1938 and finally closed its doors in April of 1939. Her mother tried to get her into training as a nurse but this was impossible and in July 1939 as preparation for emigration, she went to the Winkel farm estate until the middle of September 1939. On September 28, 1939, she emigrated to Denmark. There she was only allowed to be employed in agriculture. In October 1943 she was sent to Sweden to safety until May 28, 1945 when she returned to Denmark. In April 1946, she managed to get a work permit and could start her training as a nurse. On June 1, 1946, she started her training at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Copenhagen. She finished her training on June 1, 1949.

Jetti’s brothers and sister: Leo, Harry, Paula, Yankele, Chiel, Heini (salomon)

Harry Szydlo

Paula Szydlo

Chiel Szydlo

Heini (salomon) Szydlo

With special thanks to Sigrun Marks for her research in the Berlin archives and for helping to join the dots.

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