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take your seat and wait. At 8:15 the lights go up and you are joined in the gallery by three other people. At eight thirty the audience begins to arrive. At eight forty-five a bell goes, but that's only to say that there's another half hour before the performance begins. Then the scene shifters get to work with hammers behind the curtain. More people arrive and sit happily reading their evening papers. The pianist takes her seat. A worried face appears round the side of the stage to see if the three missing actors are chatting with their friends in the hall or are just late, as usual. A quarter to nine a second bell goes. But the hall's not full yet and we can't possibly start until everyone's arrived. At nine, the third bell rings and, at nine fifteen, the performance starts; being 8 p.m.. PUNCTUALLY, bidiyuk and tamaman. OH! PUNCTUALITY, what sins are committed in thy name!

Let me now invite you once more to join Brighter English League. After my talk last week, i received many letters from all over Palestine and even from Trans-Jordan from Listeners who wanted to become members of the League.

To each I have sent an outline of this evening's talk and I hope that those of you who have it in front of you found it easier to follow what I am saying. Any of those of you who would like to have outlines of each of my future talks should write to the president of the Brighter English League c/o the Palestine Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem, and send me your name and address.

If you don't feel like giving me your real name, just give your name as 'Listener' with your address.

Several listeneres who wrote to me last week gave me useful suggestions for future talks and I shall try to use them. If you have any more, please include them in your letter.

One charming young lady wrote and asked whether, if the English do not like rules, she was correct in saying that the English language was unruly. I'm afraid that's wrong; at present it's Palestine that's unruly.

My next talk will be on Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. and I'll tell you how to use English idiom. So if you want the outline of the talk beforehand just write to the President of the Brighter English League, care of the Palestine Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem.

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