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First Talk - Pronunciation - Pages 5-8

I . Pronunciation:-
a) Ough
b)TH - not as D
not as S
not as Z
how to pronounce it.

II. Words similar in sound with totally different meanings:-
a) Quite and Quiet
b) Dairy and Diary
c) Stationary and stationery
d) principle and principal
e) lose and loose

III. Words from the same root but with different forms and uses:-

a) bath and bathe
b) breath and breathe
c) rise and raise
d) Advise and advice
e) cloth and clothes

Second Talk -Vocabulary - Pages 9-12

I. Use of so-called English words in Palestine:
a) Gazoz instead of the proper word MINERAL WATER.
b) Projector instead of the proper word SEARCHLIGHT.
c) Barrack instead of the proper word HUT.
d) Monteur instead of the proper word FITTER.
e) Instillatorinstead of the proper word PLUMBER.
f) Smoking instead of the proper word DINNER JACKET.
g) Sick instead of the proper word ILL.

II. Differences between
a) Economic and Economical
b) Propagate and Propagandize

III. Words that are seldom used in Palestine:
a) Request
b) Punctual

Third Talk -Verbs - Pages 13-15

I. English irregular verbs:
a) I am; you are; he is
b) I go; I went; I have gone

II. The use of: Must - a necessity
Ought - a duty
May - a possibility
can - an ability

III. MUST and OUGHT defective verbs

IV. The verb to DISARM defective in practice

V. Correct use of the tenses:
Simple: I hope
Continuous: I am hoping
Perfect: I have hoped

Simple: I hoped
Continuous: I was hoping
Perfect: I had hoped

VI. The difference between TO SAY and TO TELL
Special use of TO MAKE (an apology, a statement, a speech)...
TO GIVE (an order)
TO DELIVER (an address)

VII. TO RUN down, over, in , out, up and away

VIII.Differnt forms of past participle

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