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JUST consider for a moment the limitations under which anyone has to work who sets out to teach something of a foreign language by means of broadcasting. Suppose, for instance, that you had to teach a man who was blind and who couldn't ask you questions but who could switch you out of his existence at any time he liked. You would then be in much the same boat as the President of the Brighter English League found himself when he was still its first solitary member before we started the series of broadcast talks under the title of "Let's Speak English". The fact that this League now has four hundred members, and that the President's first six talks are now published in this little book, is a tribute to the skill with which he has steered his boat.

Originally, of course, the talks were experimental. We did not know for certain that a widespread demand existed amongst our listeners for an English language course, and neither were we sure of the most effective style in which to present such a course. There are so many ways in which it could be done. We therefore planned the course for listeners who already had some knowledge of English, and who were anxious to improve their knowledge, and we planned it on the basis of combining entertainment with instruction. We took care, in fact, to remember the switch which on every radio receiver is the answer to the speaker who is dull! We also arranged for a written outline of each forthcoming talk to be available by post to every listener who cared to ask for it. These plans have been successful, thanks very largely to the President of the Brighter English League. Personally I go out of my way to listen to his talks every Wednesday evening because I appreciate the technical skill with which he tackles a difficult broadcasting problem, because he often tells me things about my own language which had not occurred to me before, and because he often makes me smile. And the last reason alone seems to me amply to justify the publication of his talks.

Director of Programmes,
Palestine Broadcasting Service.

  Photo: Let's Speak English Foreword by Stephen Fry

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