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RISE, however, is an intransitive verb and requires no object. "I RISE' is a complete sentence by itself.

The difference between RAISE and RISE is that, if you meet a lady you know in the street, you RAISE your hat. But if she enters the room in which you're sitting, you RISE from your chair: - unless, of course, it happens to be your wife.

You must make the same difference between between ADVISE and ADVICE.

ADVICE (with a C), is an opinion given or offered, and is a noun. ADVISE (with an S, but pronounced like a Z) - ADVIZE - is a verb - the act of offering ADVICE. I often begin a sentence "If you take my ADVICE": but I'm afraid hardly anybody ever does. On the other hand people often ask me - "Do you advise me to apply for promotion?" I always say 'no': for in my opinion promotion is like rain. There is very little of it in Palestine, and what there is - falls where it pleases.

Lastly you must distinguish carefully between CLOTH and CLOTHES.

CLOTH (with no E) is the material out of which the tailor makes men's CLOTHES (with an E). The feminine of CLOTHES, in my opinion, should be CREATIONS. CREATIONS are made by dressmakers who give you less material for a higher price, but infinitely greater satisfaction.

I'll now end by telling you something about the Brighter English League of which I have the honour to be President.

The Leagues quite new: in fact it was only founded last month and, so far, I'm its only member. I find it a little lonely attending meetings all by myself. The voting's apt to be a trifle monotonous and the result's usually a forgone conclusion.

Why don't you join me and become a member? There's no subscription.

All you have to do is to write me a letter, addressed to the President of the Brighter English League, care of the Palestine Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem, and, tell me that you'd like to be a member. If you do, I shall send you by post, before each of my future talks on the English language, a written outline of the talk so that you may be able to follow it more easily.

Meanwhile, if you have any personal problems - in English vocabulary - in English grammar - in English idiom - why don't you mention them in your letter to me? I'll try to answer over the wireless any interesting questions I get in your letter.

If, for example, when driving your car you knock down a British policeman and don't follow half the language that's poured out, you can write to me for an explanation of the words you didn't understand. If they're not too improper, I'll tell you what they mean.

Or if you want to increase your overdraft at the hank and don't quite know how to do it, why not call me in to help you? I'm very good at increasing overdrafts. All you have to do is to write a letter to the President of the Brighter English Leaque, care of the Palestine Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem.

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