Heinrich Pfeil's Diary 1940-1941

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Had in the morning an hour of serious music and poetry and coffee and cake in the afternoon cake was baked very well indeed

There are plenty of rumours going about in the camp and all that because of the lack of official information or newspapers. Among the valuable but often heard rumours on topics are those about the typhoid vacination which is taking place and lastly diarrhea. updating people's minds and towels

Debating Society: That ''camplife '' has been a gain rather than a loss.

very excited debate by speakers from the floor. Motion defeated. Speakers seemed to me to miss the motion slightly.

Wrote home. Will it ever arrive?

''Kommt der General'' General who is the head of internment operations inspects camp. Camp speakers are confident of results of conversation. Promised newspapers, clothes.

We should probably be moved again to another camp. Will we have been in this camp for more than three weeks already. Get newspapers at last. At first commander gave us editions about a fortnight old, which we promptly returned. Finally we got some up to date editions - General wasn't very pleased with our ????? in several respects and the latter wasn't in a good mood either.


Gave one of our boys 7 days single confinement because of ''insulting'' the guard/ Protest meetings and letter by camp speakers. - Rumours true: we shall be moved again to morrow. We are said to be sent to Fredericstadt, New Brunswick. Probably journey by train will take about a day.

We get up at 4:00 am to get ready, we double to tfour fold rations for breakfast. Say good-bye to Camp ''T''. Got old carriages and a bag of food whole bread, jam, pound of sausage tins with beans and sardines. Can't eat it up. Going over Quebec. People crowd to see the train wherever it goes, standing. And it stands a lot. At midnight and 3:00 in the morning boys and girls are on the platform of the station. Cars are just driving near the rails. Do people go to bed here at all? After 22 hours our journey comes to an end. We are in New Brunswick probably near Fredericton. We march to our new camp surrounded by woods away from civilization. The barbed wire fences and watchtowers are ready or us but our huts are not. Work is still in full swing and everything is rather rough looking. Some people can tell you already that it is the worst place they have come to but I don't believe it. Camp Commander and adjutant show understanding for us and it seems to be a very appreciable change from thr former camp in this respect.Very unpleasant is the water supply. Only one tap giving water for the whole camp. Water has to be carried in buckets and you may have to queue for an hour or more and perhaps


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