Arab and Jewess Laid to Rest
Friday, Palestine Post, August 4, 1939 p.8

The funerals took place yesterday afternoon in Jerusalem of Mr. Adeeb Mansour and Mrs. Mae Weissenberg, who died as a result of injuries and shock following the bomb explosions in Broadcasting House on Wednesday afternoon.

The first funeral was that of Mr. Mansour at 3.30 when the cortege from Government Hospital reached St. Paul's Church, St. Paul's Road, where a large congregation waited. The coffin was met at the gate by the Rev. Elias Marmoura, Pastor, Pastor B. Nasser, of the Anglican Church, Jaffa and Propst Doering, Pastor of the German Protestant Church in Jerusalem, who conducted the service. Addresses were delivered by Shafic Mansour, Michael Baladi and Husni Jarbawi.

The procession then continued to Mount Zion, where the body was borne to the cemetery by the deceased's friends. Orations were delivered at the graveside by the Rev. Mr. Marmoura and pastor Nasser.

The chief mourners were the parents, three brothers and two sisters. A third brother is in America. Mr. C. B. McNair, Director of Programmes, Mr. R. Poston, Deputy Director, representatives of the District Commissioner (Mr. Atalla Mantoura) and the Postmaster- General, the PBS programmes and engineering staffs, Mr. and Mrs. Belkine, Mr. A. L. Miller, of the YMCA, a large number of Arab and Jewish officials in the Government, members of the YMCA, and a gathering of relatives and friends were present.

Wreaths were laid on behalf of the PBS Engineering Staff; YMCA, Staff and members, Senior Leader, and Boys' Department; Postmaster-General and officials; Mr. and Mrs Guy, Dr. T. Canaan; G. Boutagy; Dr. R. Fares; S. Suz; John Bandak; S. Asfour; Najib Khoury; Staff and friends of PBS; Khalil Aghaby; Miss Victoria Nasser; Labib Nasser; Najib Mansour; Munir Haddad, and A.D. Kidess.


At 4.30, there was a large gathering outside the Bicur Cholim Hospital for the funeral of Mrs. Weissenberg, to whose popularity the presence of numerous friends and acquaintances bore witness.

After Cantor Bardaky had recited the Prayer for the Dead and the bereaved husband, Dr. Weissenberg, had spoken the Doxology, the procession moved off to the Mount of Olives cemetery followed by a number of cars.

The chief mourners were Dr. Weissenberg and a sister and younger brother of the deceased. A second brother is at a collective agricultural settlement and could not be reached in time, while Mrs. Weissenberg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merimsky, of Tel Aviv, are in Cyprus on holiday.

Among those present at the funeral were Mr. A. Tattenbaum, representing the Chief Secretary; Mr. E. Ballard, representing the District Commissioner; Mr. H. C. Willbourn, the Postmaster-General; Mr. D. H. Mackay, the acting Engineer-in-Chief; Mr. C.B. McNair; Mr. R. Poston; Mr. J.F. Cornes, Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Teague; Mr. and Mrs Belkine; Mrs. F. Eliachar and Mrs. M. Epstein; Mr. J. Kisselov; Mr. and Mrs. P.L.O. Guy; Mr. S.R. Sherman; Mrs. Lewin- Epstein; Mr. Asaf Grasovsky; Mr. Jonathan Blumenfeld; Mr. I. Roskin-Levy; Messrs. J. Adler, T.R. Lurie and J.L. Melzer, of the palestine Post; Mr. P. Boroshek, of "Jerusalem Radio", Mr. H. Zinder; Mr. I. H. Simpson; Mr. Jacob Simon; Mr. H. Salomon; members of the PBS orchestra, programmes staff and technical staff; Post Office officials, representatives of Jewish institutions, and others.

Several of the wreaths were sent by children to "May Merry", the radio name which Mrs. Weissenberg used in the Children's Hour. Other wreaths were from Sir Harold MacMichael; The Chief Secretary and officers of the Secretariat; the Postmaster-General and officers; John and Crawford McNair; Ralph Poston; Audrey Jean, Dr. and Mrs. Thompson; Flora Moody; Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Matson and Anna, David and Margie; Mr., Mrs, and Miss Guy; Michael Bryant; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harvey; Mrs. Ballard; John and Edward Crisp; Mary, Margaret and Cynthia; Jennifer and Betsy; "All her friends at the PBS"; the Engineering Staff; and employees of the Alpha Laundry of Tel Aviv (owned by Mrs. Weissenberg's father).

Internment took place on the Mount of Olives.

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