Arthur Wauchope delivering inaugural address, opening Palestine Broadcasting Service, March 30, 1936 Text of Speech by High Commissioner Arthur Wauchope
Inauguration of the Palestine Broadcasting Service, March 30, 1936.
As reported in the Palestine Post, March 31, 1936.

For some years I have been greatly impressed by the benefits that a well directed Broadcasting Service can bring to the mind and spirit of any people who enjoy its advantages.

It was on this account, as the Postmaster General has told you, that we determined to establish a Broadcasting Service in Palestine, that will work for the advantage of the people both in town and country.

The Broadcasting Service in Palestine will not be concerned with Politics. Broadcasting will be directed for the advantage of all classes of all communities. Its main object will be the spread of knowledge and of culture nor, i can assure you, will the claims of religion be neglected.

As in all our activities, we shall start on a small scale but, God willing, we shall advance step by step,until we have a service worthy of the vivid and varied life of Palestine.

We shall try to stimulate new interests and make all forms of knowledge more widespread. I will give you two examples in both of which I have a deep interest.

There are thousands of farmers in this country who are striving to improve their methods of agriculture. I hope we shall find ways and means to help these farmers and assist them to increase the yield of the soil, improve the quality of their produce, and explain the advantages of various forms of cooperation.

There are thousands of people in Palestine who have a natural love of music, but who experience difficulty in finding the means, whereby they may enjoy the many pleasures that music gives. The Broadcasting service will endeavour to fill this need, and stimulate musical life in Palestine, so that we may see both Oriental and Western music grow in strength, side by side, each true to its own tradition.

I will now read the message which has been sent by the chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation, to whom we owe a great debt for their help:-

"I welcome this opportunity of sending greetings to the Palestine Broadcasting Service on the occasion of its inauguration.

"No modern science has greater potentialities than broadcasting for promoting unity amongst the widely scattered peoples of the world. It is a pleasure and a privilage for those Broadcasting organizations which are already firmly established to assist in the development of a new venture in this field.

"The British Broadcasting sends its most cordial good wishes for the success of this new enterprise."

I also take this opportunity to thank the Postmaster General and his Department, Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company, and our newly established Broadcasting Staff, and the Programme Advisory Committee for all the labour and thought given to ensure the success of our new Service.

I use the word success, for I am confident that our Broadcasting Service, founded upon the solid rocks of high aim and public interest, will play an increasing part in the social life and entertainment of the people.