Heinrich Pfeil's Diary 1940-1941

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(Entry) May 29, 1940: This was the last day of my so-called freedom. 11:30-12:30 The Advisory Committee advises my internment. 'Sorry, don't worry' 'keep your chin up'.

Friday, May 31, 1940: The night in jail. ''Are you alright?'' Am I? Emigrated to live freely. Here I am. Wondered whether detective still would have liked to be in my place.''

Police lorry to Edinburgh 14:30.

Edinburgh Donaldson School Camp

Sleeping beside German Merchant Seamen. All out for cigarettes and news.

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Money, Documents, scissors, lighters, etc., confiscated.

Seamen are pro-Nazi and for quick German victory - ''decent'', neutral, and Antisemitism especially among ''better class'' German internees as usual.

Diet: Porridge Brown Bread, Margarine, Jams, Soups with much water, Bread, marg not enouigh nourishing food. Slept on boards later in childrens' beds after being separated

Doors locked at night roll call, morning and night.

Ships' crews have formed football teams, playground and lawn for the men. Library, no organized intellectual occupation (lectures, etc)

After inspection time, my watch has disappeared I am without time now, but what does time mean to us?

They have separated the internees from the seamen.

Rationed walks into the open air two hours a day. Same food, no space to move.

Ist Jubilee: One week passed since internment.

Internees moved under guard by train to Huyton (Liverpool) Beautiful Day. 2 slices of bread for the whole journey. Locked up on the platform in waiting room while the guards are having beer. Nice station master gave us water.


Friday, May 7, 1940: Arrived at Huyton Aliens Camp.

Small town by itself with Hospital, Post Office, Enquiry boards, university, school.

Organization of all services within the camp done by internees. Street fathers, House Fathers, Village Fathers, Tent fathers, Estate houses and tents for youth. Nicer to look at than to live in.

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