Heinrich Pfeil's Diary 1940-1941

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Live in tent with 3 lads: 2 students from England - one came with me from Edinburgh.

Went to lectures in Maths and Engineering. It's a pity I haven't any books with me - Lack of paper is a handicap.

Grub - quite a lot to eat. Marg tastes like engine grease. Cooks in ???? overall it looks like ships shakers. At night singing at the barbed wire. Internees on one side, soldiers on the other. Both sides give performances. The cordial spirit is splendid. An English soldier sings the Loreley [Lorelei] in German. Later stopped by the C.O. - C.O.'s should look after more important matters and let people enjoy a harmless entertainment. I haven't seen any of my money yet. No news yet.

Friday, June 14, 1940: On the move again. Train to Liverpool. Boat to Douglas Isle of Man. Fine day. Arrived in the evening at Central camp. Have to start Organisation from the very beginning again. Lectures are being held again. Food good. More bread, marg and jam would be appreciated.


Douglas Camp: camp of committees
House father II Committee Youth Committee etc for representation of internees.

Camp office leaves all organizations to us as in Huyton. Committees try to get news (we are cut off from all thats happening) to make possible communication between relations in camps. Postal Service bad. I have no news yet. 2 people sleeping in one bed. Got an Austrian beside me. Wel, I prefer to sleep alone but you get accustomed to that too. You have to anyway, Cold and cold water in rooms. Lucky to get a room to the seaside at least.. We are five people in the room we get better to eat than in Huyton but could have more bread and marg. Cook does his best to vary dishes as ration looks pretty the same. Camp situated at the seaside but barbed wire shuts you off civilization. You can move about just like in a cage. No recreation ground yet. Douglas girls and other inhabitants walk along the promenade to gaze at the newly arrived specimens , so dangerous to stare and safety.


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